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Simply choose one of the cover options below and complete the hassle free online form. We will send you an obligation free construction insurance quote, including a comprehensive analysis of your existing cover versus other cover options, coupled with expert advice. 

CAR Once Off Policy

Provides All Risks cover during the construction period. This Policy is issued on a Once-Off basis. We’ll provide a quote based on the value and risk profile of that specific project. The cover will end when the project is complete.

CAR Annual Policy

Provides All Risks cover during the construction period. Slightly more comprehensive than the Once-Off policy, this policy will cover all projects your company undertakes for 12 months. The premium is generally lower than a Once-Off policy.

Guarantee Facility

An affordable & flexible Guarantee solution. This facility will enable you to easily apply for Construction Guarantees, Performance Guarantees, Advance Payment Guarantees, Retention Guarantees, Bid Bonds & Fuel Guarantees. 


Project Professional Indemnity

Long term cover for legal liabilities arising from errors or omissions in conducting the professional duties of Contractors, Engineers, Surveyors, Consultants and other related professions employed on construction projects.


General Liability

This policy provides cover to the contractor for their legal liability for damage to the property of others, or for the bodily injury to a member of the public, whilst carrying out the activities of the business. Cover can be arranged on an annual basis or per project.

Broadform Liability

This single project construction liability policy provides Broad Form cover for Construction Projects, indemnifying the Employer, Contractor, Sub Contractors as well as Consultants for their on-site construction activities.

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