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Construction of the Tallest Building in South Africa | CivilSure Guarantees

Did you know that Carlton Centre in Johannesburg is the tallest building in South Africa. In fact, at 223m tall, it is also the tallest in Africa.

Construction of the Tallest Building in South Africa

Built in 1973 and designed by architects Skidmore & Owens.
‘Anglo American Properties began construction in the late 1960s by demolishing the old Carlton Hotel and the closing roads to form a city superblock. Excavations for the Carlton began in January 1967, and took two years to complete.’

It is a sprawling complex, which in it’s prime time housed an ice rink and a 5 star hotel. During the inner city decline in the 1990’s, the Carlton Hotel Hotel closed its doors in 1998.

“The building was empty, a ghost of its glorious past. “

In 1999 the entire complex, comprising the empty 600 room hotel, 70 000m2 of office block and 50 000m2 shopping mall, park cade included, sold for a 33million Rand bargain.

Today, the complex has a heartbeat again. The centre, after being almost empty, now boasts 93 percent occupancy of its office space and retail occupancy of 65 percent. Although the hotel still remains in a dusty sleep of 16 years.

The 50th and topmost floor of the Carlton Centre is known colloquially as the Top of Africa.

Mick Jagger was once a guest of honour at this once prestigious destination.

If you find that this building still has potential, feel free to speak to us about any financial security.

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A Contractors All Risk insurance policy, provides cover for the contract works, surrounding property, contractors’ public liability, SASRIA, Special Risks..

What is the Defects Liability Period?

The Defects Liability Period starts when the Certificate of Completion is issued and continues for the period agreed to in the Contract. During the Defects Liability Period, the Contractor has to obey all written instructions from the Engineer to carry out repairs and fix any defects which appear in the Permanent Works, so that, at the end of the Defects Liability Period, the Permanent Works are in the condition required by the Contract.

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As a Tribe Smith I follow niche communities and connect with them to provide tailor-made risk solutions. At CivilSure we follow the construction tribe.

Are your sites ready for shut down?

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What is ‘Practical Completion’?

Practical Completion doesn’t mean the Contractor has finished the Works in every detail. It means the Works are sufficiently complete to be safely used by the Employer for the purpose he intended. The Contractor may still complete minor items and fix defects after Practical Completion, as long as the Employer isn’t inconvenienced.

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