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What is the Debris Removal extension on a CAR Policy?

  • This extension (or add-on) covers the clean-up costs associated with damage to your site.
  • It’s important to note that debris removal will only be covered if caused by an insured peril such as flooding, earthquake or fire.
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Is Debris Removal automatically covered?

  • You’ve just incepted your Civilsure Contractor’s All Risk policy and you want to know whether Debris Removal is covered. The short answer is: Yes.
  • Debris Removal is an extension already included in a CAR policy you take out with us. It’s important to note that some insurers include this cover automatically, whilst others include it at an additional premium.
  • Debris Removal is usually covered up to a limit of R30 000 but this can be increased.

Why is Debris Removal important and is your cover enough?

  • Debris Removal is expensive and it’s important to consider whether-or-not your automatic cover is sufficient for the size of your project as well as the materials being used. If the limit is not enough, it can be increased at an additional premium.
  • An important note is to mention the use of asbestos as a building material, as its removal can be a huge cash layout for a building company. We therefore advise that you take special consideration of the materials on site, when considering the limits of your debris removal cover.


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