April 2022

We have recently been made aware of a criminal syndicate preying on construction plant hire companies. They have successfully generated both fraudulent Identity Documents (as per example below) and Company Registration documents. These criminals have managed to escape arrest on numerous occasions.

This is what you need to be aware of:

Someone comes in to hire plant machinery, they wait for it to be delivered to site, then the hirer creates an excuse for work on site being delayed and arranges for the plant to be parked overnight at a secure location. While the operator waits for further instruction from hire to commence work on site again, the hirer collects and absconds the plant.

How to prevent this:

This sort of scam can be prevented if you remain vigilant and cross check the prospective hirer’s details, specifically in the case of new clients.

  1. Request the Original ID document to make your own copy  – it’s more difficult to make changes to the original.  There are 13 digits in a South African ID. The first 6 digits and the birthdate should be the same. The next four will be between 0000-4999 for a woman, and 5000-9999 for a man. 
  2. Request the hirers address and confirm that it does exist.
  3. If the hirer is presenting himself as a representative of a known company, please call them or request a letter confirming that this person is authorised to hire plant machinery on their behalf.
  4. For new companies, verify the details online and via phone call.
  5. Do not send plant machinery to site before the deposit has been verified by the bank.

Please ensure that a signed Hire Agreement is entered into with the Hirer in compliance with your Plant All Risk Policy T&Cs.

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