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Are your sites ready for shut down?

Keep your Sites, Works and Plant covered this Christmas

It’s been another tough year and you’ve been working hard to catch up on delays caused by lockdown and restrictions. You deserve to relax during the upcoming holiday season.

While insurance is there to protect your business, keep in mind that you are responsible for taking certain steps to adhere to your policy’s stipulations.

    Letter of Intent

    When it comes to protection of the works, the contractor or employer must take all reasonable precautions to protect the sections of work and the surrounding property being worked on where the roof is exposed during the execution of the project. One of the easiest ways to do so is using heavy duty tarpaulins to cover exposed roof areas.

    Will closing for the builders’ holiday lead to any unoccupied sites? Your policy may exclude work in progress that has not been completed to a state where it can be left unsupervised. Unfortunately, theft remains a real problem in South Africa and is often accompanied by malicious damage to goods and/or immovable property. Please make sure that you understand what your policy expects from you for a claim to be processed in case of theft from a site. Theft cover is often subject to proven forcible or violent entry to or from the premises, and the insured taking reasonable precautions to prevent the theft or vandalism. These steps may include, but are not limited to, the provision of qualified security personnel on site, regular patrols and only delivering materials to a site that will be used during that day’s work. These and other conditions may also apply to theft cover for loss or damage to property stored off-site, so be sure to check the relevant sections of your policy.

    These are all very easy ways in which you can make sure that you can enjoy a stress-free holiday. Take the necessary steps now to make sure that you can relax from 16 December. We trust that you will have a restive festive season and hope that you get to spend quality time with those nearest to you.

    Contractors’ All Risk is a powerful policy that provides comprehensive cover for all projects that your company undertakes. It is, however, also important to protect your valuable equipment and machinery with Plant All Risk insurance. The three easy ways to cover your plant are explained in this blog.

    Contact us for more information, to help you prepare for the festive season break, or to get a quick quote on Contractors’ or Plant All Risk.


    Special project delay insurance for special risks

    You know that there are many risks associated with running a construction company. After civil unrest wreaked havoc in South Africa in June and July this year, you may be asking yourself: “What would happen if we should have to temporarily close our construction sites because of civil commotion, public disorder, rioting, looting, labour disturbances, strikes, a lockout – or even an act of terrorism?”

    What is the Defects Liability Period?

    The Defects Liability Period starts when the Certificate of Completion is issued and continues for the period agreed to in the Contract. During the Defects Liability Period, the Contractor has to obey all written instructions from the Engineer to carry out repairs and fix any defects which appear in the Permanent Works, so that, at the end of the Defects Liability Period, the Permanent Works are in the condition required by the Contract.

    Why is a Contract Works Policy Necessary?

    When it comes to planning a new construction project, insurance doesn’t always get the priority it requires, with contractors often wondering whether it is really necessary to take out a contract works policy at all. Very often the contract works policy is arranged at the last minute, or even after the project has already started.

    How do you get a Performance Guarantee?

    When applying to get a Performance Guarantee, you’ll have to answer basic questions about your professional work experience and your company’s financial history. If your business has more than one owner, the financial credentials of all owners must be submitted.

    Contractors All Risk policy – Should You Put Your Name On It?

    Dirk Gouws (Engineering Insurance expet, AC&E Engineering Underwriting Managers) explains the meaning of having your name on a Contractors All Risk policy.

    When is a Performance Guarantee called on?

    Building Contractors often ask us the question: When is a Performance Guarantee called on? When your company starts bidding on projects for cities, provinces or municipalities, you’ll be expected to provide assurance that you can meet the obligations detailed in the Contract.

    This assurance comes in the form of a Performance Guarantee. Basically, what happens is that a surety company (an insurer or bank), for a certain fee, steps in and guarantees your performance. Surety companies don’t work directly with Contractors. Instead, they partner with brokerages like us.

    What is a Contractors All Risk Insurance policy?

    A Contractors All Risk insurance policy, provides cover for the contract works, surrounding property, contractors’ public liability, SASRIA, Special Risks..

    Construction of the Tallest Building in South Africa

    Read the history >> Construction of the tallest building in South Africa, the Carlton Centre. Built in 1973 and designed by architects Skidmore & Owens.

    Get your Letter of Intent almost instantly

    The term ‘Letter of Intent’ (LOI) is typically used to describe a letter from an Employer to a Contractor (or from a main Contractor to a Subcontractor) indicating the Employer’s intention to enter into a formal written contract for Works described in the letter, and asking the Contractor to begin those works before the formal Contract is executed. While an Letter of Intent may come in many forms, it’s essentially a communication expressing an intention to enter into a Contract at a future date.

    Bank Guarantee to Fuel Guarantee

    A Fuel Guarantee is security against payment default by the Retailer for fuel delivered by a Fuel Company. The Guarantee covers fuel, lubricant, rent & more

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