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Sustainable business practices are what make companies stand out as being socially responsible and environmentally friendly. If you would like your company to have that edge of influencing change, drawing media interest and having a competitive advantage, you should consider going green to reap the benefits of green building.

We have seen the GBCSA (Green Building Council of South Africa) striving for a greener South Africa since 2007 by encouraging and promoting transformation of the built environment. The council forms part of the World Green Building Council alongside over 95 other members and has even grown to develop the green building movement in SA.

Benefits of Green Building:

Green Buildings have some great advantages, including:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in absenteeism (work & school)
  •  attract and retain key talent
  • lower operating costs
  • enhanced marketability
  • higher asset returns
  • increased property values
  •  responsible investing
Benefits of Green Building. Are You A Good Corporate Citizen? | CivilSure

How you can work towards enjoying some of these benefits:

  • Saving energy and water
  • Implementing good waste management practices
  • Producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions

Rating Tools:

If you want to aim for that Green Star, here are the categories that can help you get it:

  • Management
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Land use and Ecology
  • Emissions
  • Innovation
  • Additional available category: Socio-Economic (SEC)

We have seen a positive increase in awareness that Green Building is not about tree hugging, but going beyond environmental sustainability.

What is a Contractor’s All Risk Insurance policy? Find out for your next green building project.



Construction of the Tallest Building in South Africa

Read the history >> Construction of the tallest building in South Africa, the Carlton Centre. Built in 1973 and designed by architects Skidmore & Owens.

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As a responsible construction company owner, you know the importance of insuring your plant and making sure that your other necessary policies are in place with CivilSure. But did you know that the number of instances of – and the size of – liability claims litigation is higher than ever, and climbing?

A Word From Our CEO Dan Payton

As a Tribe Smith I follow niche communities and connect with them to provide tailor-made risk solutions. At CivilSure we follow the construction tribe.

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April 2022 We have recently been made aware of a criminal syndicate preying on construction plant hire companies. They have successfully generated both fraudulent Identity Documents (as per example below) and Company Registration documents. These criminals have...

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