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I am stirred by Seth Godin (“SG”) and I am a Tribe Smith of the Construction Tribe.

The name ‘smith’ came from the word ‘smite’ which means ‘hit’ and many years ago we had smiths who worked with precious and semi-precious metals to forge products  for the local community – arrow smith, black smith, lock smith, gold smith etc.

In our modern world we have word smiths, wealth smiths and now tribe smiths.  As a Tribe Smith I follow niche communities and connect with these communities to  provide tailor-made risk solutions, one of these being for the Construction Tribe.

We all want to be part of a tribe, a tribe that is genuine and can be seen to be making a difference in the community or our nation. I follow these fine tribes – the construction tribe, as well as the tribes of schools, professionals, event and sports coordinators, taxis and bakkie owners.

Construction Tribe, Our CEO Dan Payton | CivilSure
For a tribe to be remarkable it takes a series of small steps, in much the same way you build a roaring fire not with logs, but with small sticks.  Small things, over time, add up to large things happening
Seth Godin

How we started our construction tribe, and other tribes, at Suretimes?

We have selected tribes to follow and some tribes have found us. However, until the Tribe Smiths make their move to turn the crowd into a tribe, the group cannot act in a tribal manner. There is not a tribe until someone sends an invitation to vote on a poll, join a group on Facebook, respond to an email, subscribe to a newsletter or organize a group of people around an idea.

Which tribes do you follow?




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Are you ready for the summer shut down?

As a responsible construction company owner, you know the importance of insuring your plant and making sure that your other necessary policies are in place with CivilSure. But did you know that the number of instances of – and the size of – liability claims litigation is higher than ever, and climbing?

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